A limited number of leaders and teams will be admitted to any given cohort. You can apply as an individual leader, or as part of a 5-person institutional transformation team.

The Academy is intended to catalyze change and disrupt the diversity status quo. It is focused on boosting the strategic diversity leadership capability of a select group of individuals, who are committed to sharing a rigorous and powerful journey of development.

Participants will be chosen based upon the quality of their application, the seriousness of their learning goals, their leadership background, and our desire to create a diverse and inclusive learning community that considers personal characteristics, present leadership roles, long-term leadership goals, and institutional types.


The Academy experience is rigorous and time-consuming, and is offered at a cost of $4000 per individual learner. The cost of an institutional team is $20,000 for a team of 5. By definition, a team is comprised of 5 leaders. The course is entirely virtual in nature, so no travel is required. There may be optional opportunities to meet fellow Academy change makers, but this is not included in the tuition fees.

Discounted Tuition

A discount is available for individuals ($3600) and teams ($18,000 – $3600/Team Member), working at institutions that hosted the National Inclusive Excellence Tour, or its pre-cursor program featuring Dr. Williams in 2016, 2017 or 2018.

This same discount is also available for leaders and teams that apply and are accepted on the February 20, 2019 early application deadline. Finally, the same tuition discount is available for leaders and teams nominated for participation by NIXLA Alumni Fellows. Your tuition will cover the cost of all books, resources, instruction, coaching, and digital leadership tools. No travel, hotel, or additional fees are required.

Access a proposal template to support your request for institutional support to participate in the program as either individual or team.

Eligible for Tuition Discount


  • The formal program will run from July 8 to August 9, 2019.
  • All learning materials will be delivered approximately 14-21 days before program launch.
  • Strategy groups will be introduced to one another approximately 14-21 days before program launch, to facilitate group integration and team building.

Applications Open Applications open October 17, 2018
Early Application Deadline Deadline for those who wish to be considered for early acceptance February 20, 2019
Early Decision Notification Early applicants are notified of acceptance into the program March 11, 2019
Early Decision Payment Due Deadline for successful early applicants to make full payment for course participation April 12, 2019
Regular Application Deadline Regular application deadline for Academy admissions May 17, 2019
Regular Notification Regular applicants are notified of acceptance into the program May 21, 2019
Regular Application Payment Due Deadline for successful regular applicants to make full payment for course participation June 14, 2019
Materials Shipped All participants receive all books, resources, tools, and case-studies associated with the course Week of June 21, 2019
Strategy Teams Built All participants learn who is in their strategy pod and gain access to the National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy Online Learning Environment Week of June 21, 2019
Program Dates Academy launch: participants build skills, create a lasting community, and do work that matters July 8 – August 9, 2019