Program Participants


It is a program designed at the intermediate to advanced level, for those with a minimum of 7-12 years of progressive experience in higher education administration, academic affairs, and/or teaching at the post-secondary level.

We look for experienced professionals with demonstrated experience, interest, and potential. To ensure a high-impact learning experience for all program participants, we select candidates from a strong pool of diverse institutions, leadership and faculty roles, and geographies.

While non-higher education leaders may find utility in the program, it has been intentionally created for leaders working in the higher education sector.

Application Process


A diverse participant mix is essential to program success.  This program is for leaders looking to level up their strategic diversity leadership skills, REGARDLESS OF LEADERSHIP ROLE.

It is not just for CDO’s and CDO’s in training.  You do not have to be a “diversity and inclusion expert or specialist” to participate in this program.

The entire campus community must lean into building dynamic diversity and inclusion capability, not just the Chief Diversity Officer and one, or two lone wolf-diversity champions. This program is designed to strengthen the ecosystem of leadership on college and university campuses, by helping leaders in multiple roles, to level up their strategic diversity leadership abilities.

This program is designed for chief diversity officers, business affairs, enrollment management, academic affairs, student affairs, marketing and communications, institutional advancement, legal counsel, presidents, deans, diversity committee chairs and members, diversity and multicultural affairs officers, department chairs, and faculty members who want to make real and meaningful change in their lives, organizations, and communities.


This program was developed for individuals and institutional teams.

Individual Learners

  • Individual learners will be placed into a five-person strategy pod with participants from across the country.
  • While every participant will have a chance to interact across the cohort, the benefit of the experience is that you will gain valuable experience working in your strategy pod with four other leaders from other institutions.
  • The individual learner experience allows participants to compare and contrast their institutional experiences, learn about different institutional cultures, and build close relationships with a group of leaders on a similar journey as themselves.
  • Your strategy pod will receive personal and strategic coaching from Dr. Williams and other learning coaches on the Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy faculty.
Institutional Teams

  • If you come as a five-person institutional team, this group will comprise your strategy pod. [1]
  • The institutional team option has several benefits.
  • It allows your institutional community to develop a stronger and more cohesive leadership team stewarding diversity and inclusion efforts because they have intentionally invested in building relationships with one another.
  • This approach also allows the team to receive diversity best-practices resources and have a structured space to work on their institutional diversity initiatives.
  • You and your individual team will receive coaching from Dr. Williams and other learning coaches on the Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy faculty.
  • A limited number of teams will be accepted into the program, to maximize the diversity of learners in the program.

[1] A special group registration rate is available for institution’s sponsoring a team to participate in the institute