The Academy Experience


The Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy is an experience, where you can sharpen your understanding of the artful science of strategic diversity leadership though learning, collaboration, application, and reflection about what it takes to make real change happen.

The program features:

  • Live online seminars;
  • Video learning modules;
  • Digital tools;
  • Real world diversity and inclusion case-studies;
  • Small strategy teams;
  • Best-in class books, briefs, and strategy templates;
  • Individual learning and development plans;
  • Personal and institutional coaching, and world-class facilitation.
Application Process


While the videos, resources, and tools are best in class, we know that the true magic of the program will be in the peer-to-peer connection, working with one another to learn, grow, and stretch as each participant will work in a 5-person strategy team and have opportunities to interact across the entire leadership cohort.

Within the Academy experience, your peers are just as integral to your learning as the faculty. You’ll learn alongside talented business leaders who represent diverse functions, industries, and geographies.

You will remember (and be changed by) your fellow learners, which is why the program is selective and competitive, designed to assemble an amazing cohort of leaders, who want to be on the journey together.


You can do the program from home or work, but it will require significant time and effort.  Do not apply for the program if you cannot make a four-week, intensive commitment to work for yourself and your learning community. 

Some minimum expectations to help gauge the experience:

  • 15+ Hours of Course Readings [1]
  • 3 Hours of Online Video Module Content
  • 12 Hours of Live Class Time (3 Hours Per Week)
  • 12 Hours of Live Team time with your strategy pod (3 Hours Per Week)
  • Preparation of 6 Individual Leadership Development Projects
  • Preparation of 3 Institutional Case-Study Strategy Team Projects [2]
  • Participation in Online Discussion Forums
  • 1-2 Hours of Individual or Team Leadership Coaching

The plan is that you will work harder than you’ve previously worked online. In return, you’ll find a significant amount of support, appropriate tools and most of all, a community that is working to level up their abilities as strategic diversity leaders, doing work that matters creating real change that improves the world.

[1]Readings, case-studies, videos, and tools will be provided approximately 14-21 days before program launch as participants should planned to have completed the pre-materials prior to launch of the program to insure maximum group, application, reflection, and team-time benefits;

[2] 3 hours of team interaction per week at a minimum during the scheduled team time.  Again, this program is rigorous and will require a commitment from you, your family, and your institution to make it work.