Looking for a powerful professional development experience
to help address the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) aspects of today’s
pandemic, Black Lives Matter, policing, demonstrations, Gen Z, and other issues?

The National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy (NIXLA)

The National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy (NIXLA) Accelerator Series is designed to help individuals and institutional teams enhance their knowledge and understanding of topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in addition to strengthening participants’ strategic diversity leadership capabilities and cultural competencies. The series takes place online within a fast-paced masterclass type learning environment.

The NIXLA Accelerators are designed for:

  • Leaders from all sectors and all levels of experience, from experienced professionals to those just beginning their DEI journey.
  • Teams looking to build a competitive advantage by completing the series as a working group or learning community. The team option is perfect for leadership groups, senior cabinets, and DEI committees looking to develop a stronger shared philosophy and approach to the work.
  • Governance boards searching to find their footing on these issues, we have taken special care to design a specific session for trustees, regents, and governors, while encouraging their participation in other aspects of our programming.


Yes, the Academy experience is not for everyone, but it might be for you. And if you know someone who might benefit, we hope you’ll share this program and encourage their application.