Wednesday, March 4, 2020

12:00 p.m. EST

This webinar will overview the nation’s first Diversity and Inclusion Jedi Academy. Learn more about this 5-week online leadership and institutional transformation program.

Celebrate the 2019 Cohort of NIXLA Fellows

Please join us in celebrating 80 amazing leaders who recently completed the 2019 National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy(NIXLA) – a 5-week online strategic diversity leadership development and institutional transformation program.

These leaders completed NIXLA seminars, readings, burning question dialogue sessions, case-studies, video modules, team projects, and related coursework.

We celebrate the commitment, sacrifice, and vision of these leaders, who spent a majority of their summer leveling up, and developing powerful institutional strategies for their campuses.

The 2019 NIXLA would not have been possible without the generous leadership and service of our faculty and distinguished guest speakers.  No words exist to express our incredible thanks for their support, humility, connection, and service to the field of Strategic Diversity Leadership and the Inclusive Excellence Movement.

If you know a fellow, faculty, or distinguished guest speaker on this list,  please Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, or Linked in your support for them using the social media tags: #NIXLA #inclusiveexcellence and  #strategicdiversityleadership.

I am @dawphd and as always, my work is “In Service!”

Damon A. Williams, PhD
Chief Catalyst
National Inclusive Excellence Leadership AcademyTM


Yes, the Academy experience is not for everyone, but it might be for you. And if you know someone who might benefit, we hope you’ll share this program and encourage their application.