Our nation is in the midst of a profound demographic and cultural shift, and it affects us all.  As the world changes around us, leaders are being charged to get diversity, equity, and inclusion right.

To quote Dr. King, there is a “fierce urgency of now.”  We’ve watched as countless institutions have been rocked by diversity and inclusion crises as our nation’s youngest, most diverse generation, the Centennials, arrive at our doors expecting more inclusion, more diverse faculty, and a more engaged learning experience.

The fierce urgency truly is now, and it’s time we mastered the opportunity so that we might create a better reality, today.

The National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy provides a unique online learning environment in which participants and coaches openly discuss, collaborate, contribute, comment, support, and share. Immerse yourself in an interactive learning experience that’s powered by technology, fueled by innovation, and led by one of the nation’s most decorated leader | scholar | educators in the area of strategic diversity leadership – Dr. Damon A. Williams.


Yes, the Academy experience is not for everyone, but it might be for you. And if you know someone who might benefit, we hope you’ll share this program and encourage their application.