Are you in need of a timely and affordable summer professional development experience?

Are you struggling with developing a campus strategic plan for the fall? Get expert coaching, insights to equalize the pandemic’s impact by participating in the NIXLA Summer Accelerator Series.

Beginning July 9, the 5-part NIXLA Professional Development Summer Accelerator Series aims to provide leaders with accessible, yet intense leadership and professional development opportunities via an abbreviated online learning experience. Each accelerator is 3 hours in length and focuses on a specific relevant DEI topic. Similar to the NIXLA, participants can attend the series as an individual learner or with a team of 5-25.

This program is designed to deepen participants’ overall DEI knowledge about important, relevant DEI topics in a short amount of time, ensure they have the necessary information required to make culturally relevant decisions, help others understand how to leverage technology for effective teaching and to develop inclusive online learning communities, in addition to sharing new, innovative ways to promoting a culture of everyday inclusion.

Learn more about the NIXLA Summer Accelerator Series featured topics and speakers here.

The COVID-19 DEI Crisis Action Strategy Guide

Recommendations for Fostering Inclusive Excellence offers guidance, frameworks, and tips to help leaders make culturally relevant decisions while supporting diverse communities, understand the importance of communicating intentionally and inclusively, and identify new, innovative ways towards digitizing inclusive excellence.

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This document provides the complete presentation along with a high-level summary of key discussion points presented during the March 23rd National Inclusive Excellence Strategy Webinar, The Cheetah and the Wolf, Managing the COVID-19 DEI Crisis.

This micro-report provides an overview of lessons learned from our rapid review of 200 institutions and their strategic response to COVID-19. This data was collected and compiled on March 20, 2020.

This tool presents ten question that DEI leaders should be considering if students do not return to campus in the Fall of 2020. It is intended as a resource to jump-start discussions, for a worse case extension of the COVID-19 DEI crisis into the 20-21 academic year.

This was developed to provide students, faculty, and staff with a simple tool to help them become more gritty, tenacious, and persistent when working through and experiencing crises, such as managing and planning against the unforeseen implications of the COVID-19 DEI crisis.

This community form letter was created to support leaders craft and deliver important DEI and COVID-19 related messages to their community.

This document includes some helpful and innovative resources from various institutions around the world creating DEI strategy guidance to support leaders managing the COVID-19 crisis locally.


Yes, the Academy experience is not for everyone, but it might be for you. And if you know someone who might benefit, we hope you’ll share this program and encourage their application.