The National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy, the Academy, is a real-time, 4-week online leadership development program.  The program is designed for experienced leaders who are responsible for thinking strategically about their institutions’ change agendas.

The program will help participants level up their strategic diversity leadership skills, disrupt the status quo of their institutions, and become the game changers they want to be around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The program is for those who truly want to commit to making real and meaningful change in their lives, organizations, and communities.

Program participation will benefit chief diversity officers, business affairs, enrollment management, academic affairs, student affairs, marketing and communications, legal counsel, deans, diversity committee chairs and members, diversity, inclusion, and multicultural affairs officers, department chairs, senior leaders, and faculty members.

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  • The formal program will run from July 8 to August 9.
  • All learning materials will be delivered approximately 14 days before program launch, on or about June 22.
  • Strategy groups will be introduced to one another approximately 14 days before program launch, on or about June 22, to facilitate group join-up and team building.
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  • Leaders will develop their Inclusive Excellence Leadership Manifesto & Institutional Translation Plan, by articulating the educational and business cases for diversity and inclusion at their home institution, clarifying their personal values and beliefs, and action steps going home.
  • Leaders will develop their strategic diversity leadership skills, by contributing, sharing their work, participating in high impact strategy teams, and engaging in real-world case-study activities.
  • Leaders will understand the Inclusive Excellence Model, with its multidimensional focus on diversity and inclusion broadly defined to include race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, internationalization, and economic background.
  • Leaders will understand the principles of developing and implementing institutional diversity plans by leveraging accountability, incentive, infrastructure, and resource (AIIR) techniques, as well as story-telling, and branding, as part of their change management plans.
  • Leaders will engage in deliberate practice as they respond to institutional diversity crisis scenarios, and develop multi-dimensional plans to improve the campus climate for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Leaders will understand the principles of developing a winning faculty and staff diversity recruitment and retention strategy, by leveraging an aggressive “strategic sourcing” approach, setting realistic goals, balancing legal risk, and building partnerships.


We’re building a cohort of leaders who will challenge each other to go further than they ever expected. Not merely during the course of the month, but for decades to come, the plan is that this community will enhance your career overtime.

One of the ways that it will enhance your career is by adding to your personal brand, providing you with additional leadership credentials that can be used as part of your professional development portfolio, to show competence, pursue opportunities, command compensation, and illustrate commitment to diversity and inclusion as part of your personal brand.

Here are some of the benefits that you will receive for participation:

  • Professional Development Credential: LinkedIn “Inclusive Excellence Alumni” Badging & Community Membership
  • Letter of Commendation: A Letter Certifying Your Participation in the Program (Traditional Letter & Digital Letter)
  • Formal Certificate: A Framed Certificate of Participation & Learning
  • Individual Development Vision: A Personal Inclusive Excellence Leadership Manifesto
  • Institutional Impact Plan: An Institutional Translation Plan to Bring the Work Home
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Yes, the Academy experience is not for everyone, but it might be for you. And if you know someone who might benefit, we hope you’ll share this program and encourage their application.